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Northumberland County Land Survey and Elevation Certification

Topographical Surveys

No matter how big or small the area is we can provide you with a high quality Topographical Map. Topographic maps can be needed for building permits or large scale acreages. Kreamer Survey Associates has many years of hands on experience dealing with Topographical Surveys. Northumberland County Land Survey services you can trust.

Construction Staking/Grade Staking

During construction, Kreamer Survey Associates can assist you with construction staking and grade staking services. Our skills range over years of hands on experience in the industry. We stay up to date with all of the latest equipment in the field. Our GPS/RTK and Robotic equipment is always up to par giving us the ability to take on any project. Some of the projects you may need us for include:

Roads, parking facilities, curb and gutter, site plans, drainage facilities, building pads, building footprints, underground utilities.

Lot Line Adjustment

When you are in need of adjusting property boundaries, we can help. We work closely with everyone involved in theh process and will complete all of the work required.

Boundary Surveys

Property line knowledge is crucial to avoid any issues with property owners. We offer boundary surveys whenever you purchase a property or are in dispute with property lines. Only a Licensed Land Surveyor can perform a Boundary Survey that delineates actual property lines.

Currently working in Middleburg

Offering Services in Snyder County, Union County, Juniata County, Perry County and all of Central Pennsylvania.