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Property Survey and Land Survey Services Juniata

Professional Land Survey Services

Kreamer Survey Associates offers professional land surveying, property survey, elevation certification, subdivision, land development, sewage designs and more services. Kreamer Survey Associates are experienced and skilled with land survey services. With extensive knowledge in surveying we accommodate clients with the knowledge they deserve.  Kreamer offers Land Survey Services Juniata deserves because of the extensive knowledge we possess.

Title Surveys

Title surveys are used to identify utility while identifying the value of a property. Ultimately, purchasing a piece of land in which you can not do anything with is a waste of money. Count on Kreamer Survey Associates to determine the use of a newly acquired land.

Boundary Surveys

Kreamer Survey Associates offers boundary surveys which are important because they will help resolve property disputes. Kreamer Survey Associates recommends to have a boundary survey because it will depict the boundaries of each neighbors’ land.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are important for architects, contractors, property owners and more. These surveys are important  for improvements such as fences, driveways, pools, etc..  Topographic Surveys depict the architecture that can be built on the property. It also is very beneficial to have done on a property.

Experienced Service

Experienced service is what Kreamer Survey Associates thrives on. Trust a company with knowledge and expertise in the industry. Building long lasting relationships with clients is what will keep our business running so contact Kreamer Survey Associates at 570-374-4532 for more information.

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