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Property Survey and Land Survey Services Perry

Land Surveying Services

Conveniently located in Central Pennsylvania, Kreamer Survey Associates is your go-to land surveying company. If you are working on a new fence, driveway or need info regarding a piece of property then you have come to the right place. We have been in business for many years and look forward to speaking with you. Interested in professional services? Contact us at 570-374-4532 and we guarantee to get your job done correctly.

Kreamer Survey Associates offers elevation certificates produced by FEMA.  Certificates acquired can be use for flood insurances, occupancy and pre-construction permits.

Topographic surveys include elevation, contours and vertical features of a piece of property. It’s important to obtain a detailed topographic survey specially, if you are a contractor or engineer. Trust in a company that will deliver professional results to help your next building project.